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  • Dreen Swan Listing Owner

    Portland Oregon is filled by jerk wads like
    Sean ~turd~ Stephens- at onetec.
    Sean is the lawyer who was quite good friends with my ex spouse’ lawyer and together they ran me into an early grave and had a great time destroying my entire life. Ass holes
    They systematically dismantled my life with my children and insisted to the judge that he give full custody of the children to my ex spouse who lied in court several times including getting a complete makeover just before the hearing. Washington County family court judge is corrupt, and will take your kids away from you for being a human. I lost my kids over lies and privilege and if I see Mr Stephens again I will have a birthday gift for him. Dont use this asshole as your lawyer all he will do is exploit you and pretend he helped you. Fuck this guy

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