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  • Chaz Reinhold Listing Owner

    The one star is because Wayne is a phenomenal at cross. The missing 4 stars is because he stole $80K from me, withdrew from my case at the trial because he failed to secure our expert witness that he said he had. He gave away my defense strategy. Wayne, despite being paid $80k to do so, refused to accompany me during a meeting with the County bail office, I was subsequently not allowed to go home to Hawaii. I ended up with a 2 year sentence on an assault 3 charge where there were no prosecution eye witnesses and the white man had a BAC of .259 and had been aggressive with many others that night. The only eye witness disagreed with the alleged victim’s account. Any attorney, even a public defender, given the time should have been able to easily disprove the prosecution’s narrative. Wayne Mackeson…well terrible at communication, way overrated. Excellent at cross, so if you have the opportunity to put together a team, he would be a great addition for cross but really nothing else.

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