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  • Miles Miller Listing Owner

    Absolutely the worst. He represented me on a sex abuse case . The pervert was my brother Peter Miller who was a child abuser. Since Peter Miller was a juvenile attorney for the State of Oregon I felt it was imperative to pursue Peter Miller so other children could pursue Peter Miller for damages. We were seeking 2 million in damages. Arbitration/Mediation was mandatory so we travelled to Judge Vellure’s country club to seek our remedies . This entire meeting was bizarre. Who has a legal conference at a country club ? All Judge Vellure could talk about was what a big shot he was , showing zero compassion for the rape victims.
    Turns out Judge Vellure and Randy Vogt are buddies . Randy Vogt immediately tells us we should only pursue 1 million dollars in damages. So there goes 1 million . Then opposing council offers us $100,000 dollars and of course I say no. Randy tells me that if I do not take this offer he will quit right in the middle of the negotiations. I say no and RANDY QUITS. yes, right in the middle of the negotiations. I now have NO REPRESENTATION. Randy’s contingency fee was more important than his client. This guy is a real strange person and clearly not honest.

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