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  • Judy Miller Listing Owner

    My dog was more aggressive and knew more about the law than her

  • We worked with Mona and her law firm Minnick-Hayner in Walla Walla, Washington. She was pleasant when you could actually meet with her. She did not return phone calls. It got so bad we actually would just show up at her office. She may be O.K. with simple matters but we can not recommend her or her law firm from our experience. She actually tried to litigate a case in court for us and it was pathetic. She is not a competent litigator. We always felt she was going to ” law school ” at our expense. We hoped her fellow attorneys at Minnick-Hayner ( like Robert King ) would try to save her from disaster , yet that never happened. It’s our opinion to stay away from the law firm Minnick-Hayner.

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