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  • We had a horrible experience with this woman. She violated disclosure rules by not disclosing she worked with and knew the opposing litigants. We found this out after she reeked havoc on our case. She actually stated, ” I do not care what the law is.” She would not let us provide evidence that contradicted a witnesses testimony. She is a bitter old woman. She is a retired Judge who now claims to be an arbitrator/mediator. Unfortunately this woman still thinks she wears the ” black robe. ” She uses Arbitration Services of Portland, Oregon to find work. The law firm of Markowitz-Herbold insisted using her to help settle disputes. One of Markowitz’s attorneys, Anna Joyce insisted on Mary Deits ability to uphold Florene Miller’s Trust. Mary Deits did nothing of the sort. She never had a plan for resolution or respected the intent of our mother’s Trust. Mary Deits had just bought a condo on Portland’s waterfront for $1.2million dollars so the ” resolution of disputes ” never ended. She kept asking for more fees. The attorneys for my mother were appalled and called her an autocrat. Unfortunately most people or clients do not know that ” arbitrators or mediators ” are bullet proof from incompetence or negligence. They can be absolute crooks and yet immune to being sued according to the lawyers we talked to about this injustice. Stay away from this woman is our opinion.

  • Mary Deits ( A.K.A. Rousseau ),
    It’s our opinion the arbitration run by Mary Deits Rousseau was completely unethical. . The ” arbitration ” Mary Deits Rousseau ” conducted as a co-Trustee ” was a sham just to generate her more fees and satisfy her buddies, co-workers and friends who were all involved in our ” arbitration ” which she never disclosed knowing to ASP ( Arbitration Services of Portland ) . It was so obvious she was acting in bad faith . Her confirmation bias was out of hand. She protected Peter Miller , a Portland juvenile attorney who was a known child molester. Deits knew he was a child molester yet did not care or evaluate how it may affect the outcome and resolutions to the Trust disputes at hand. Deits was protecting fellow attorney Peter Miller for some reason?? TURNS OUT! The two had worked together many times on many cases. Peter Miller admitted this in deposition during his sex abuse case where he was the defendant. Remember, Judge Deits NEVER disclosed knowing any of the litigants to our side of the dispute or Arbitration Services of Portland. Is it possible Judge Deits did not want all those cases she and Peter Miller worked on reviewed?? Were these cases juvenile cases ?? What is Judge Mary Deits Rousseau hiding?? Why isn’t Arbitration Services of Portland removing her from their work force? Why isn’t the Oregon State Bar reviewing her conduct ? Deits actually said in a meeting,” I don’t care what the law is .” She should be held accountable for all the damage she creates. Is she mental?

    I realize Judges and lawyers socialize together, but when it comes to protecting each other who are child molesters just because they worked on cases together ……..BEARS INVESTIGATION!

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