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  • A VERY expensive law firm. Their website is a joke. On their website they talk about a ” positive litigation experience.” They must think a rectal exam is enjoyable. We took a legal problem to their attorneys and were told that they would prevail in a matter of months. 7 years later we said , ” good-bye ” to their attorneys Matt Levin and Steffan Alexander. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and actually were worse off then when we started. They made horrible choices. They did not due their due diligence. Their recommendations which were completely opposite from ours turned out to be disastrous. We started to think they were secretly jinxing us because their representation was so poor. Opposing counsel was a single ” dude ” who’s office was in a strip mall. This clown destroyed Markowitz-Herbold. It’s our opinion that one should stay away from Markowitz-Herbold. It’s a flashy law firm and their attorneys can sell you bullshit as well as a used car salesman. We could not be more negative about this Portland, Oregon law firm.

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