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  • Judy Miller Listing Owner

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  • Judge Fearing has a long legal history in Washington State. It’s my recommendation and opinion not to appear in front of this man. He is in the” old boy ” network. It’s my opinion he does not due the work, by this I mean the due diligence . He is VERY opiniated and is not open to other people’s situations. His mind is usually made up prior to the trial. He is not his own man. He does not educate himself on the ” big picture .” It’s our opinion he is not intellectually fair or competent. He let’s inappropriate facts sway his thought process. We watched him ignore the fact that one of the parties were being investigated for sexual abuse. The accused was a fellow attorney. This had no effect on Judge George Fearing. In fact Fearing ruled in favor of the accused pervert. It’s our opinion that Judge George Fearing is a VERY strange man.
    If you are seeking a fair and honorable Judge, it’s our opinion that Judge Libey may be appropriate.

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