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  • Miles Miller Listing Owner

    Nice woman but zero killer instinct. She was very expensive and offered little. She is VERY disorganized. She kept asking for more money not realizing we had already paid her. Luckily we showed her the ” Pay Pal ” account where her payments were made. She admitted not being on top of her game. Far worse than the above , she defended Randall Vogt when she clearly witnessed his malpractice during a mediation. When interviewed about Mr. Vogt’s conduct during a mediation of mine she balked. It’s our opinion she did not act in her client’s best interest. It is clear Mr. Vogt did not, so why would Ms. Garella defend Mr. Vogt.
    Attorneys are thick as thieves. Generally their own welfare exceeds their clients. The stories presented to Legal Jive find this to be the case more often than naught.

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