Hindsight brings prudent advice

If the person you’re going to court with doesnt have an attorney, the judge may give them a lot of latitude to not follow court rules and procedures. This was my experience. He was the petitioner and went first. After we settled our side of the case in a disillusion, the judge then allowed him to call new witnesses. In my presentation we weren’t allowed to continue. if the judge decides to bifurcate the case politely, ask her to reconsider. In my case, discussing parenting time, I was not allowed to say things that became pertinent to my stability as a mother, because they became part of a financial discussion which she bifurcated and I wasn’t allowed to answer the questions I was being asked.  if the other party does not have an attorney, do not get on the stand, they will be able to cross examine you directly. If you have been through a difficult marriage, this camper broke and bring on emotions you do not want to confuse the issues while you are on the stand. Do not show emotion if you are female, in my case the judge seemed to perceive it as emotional instability, after being cross, examined by my soon to be ex. Interview attorneys first. I had a great attorney who was kind and helpful but I felt like I needed a protector. The attorney I chose claimed she would be able to keep up with him in court so I chose her to be like a bulldog. But she was more of a bulldog to me, and he ran circles around her in court. Ask around an interview people, tell them your story and see if they are wise legally, and also have compassion and will make a case on your behalf that you feel comfortable with. Be wary of attorneys who try to tell you to say certain things or make up a case scenario for your filing !

Leah Young
Author: Leah Young

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