I have worked in the education field for near a decade with social emotional students, we do get taught proper safety care on wednesday May 24th 2023 it was a wednesday, it was early release i was chatting with student A while waiting for transportation to be called student b walked over to me and started climbing me and shaking me, I asked student b stop stop and give me space 4 times, they eventually stopped, our walkies wernt working lot of static, staff had to come in our classroom and tell us a student ride was there, student b came back over to where I was standing and started tugging on my arm and calling me “uncle Jake” but i did redirect 4 times by asking the student to stop and go back to their seat, by the 4th time i didnt know what else to do i had no staff support, one staff as in the room and just watched, I couldnt leave because leagally with our district its a 3 to one student to staff ratio, she would have illigally been out of ratio, the other staff who said i had an incident wasnt even peresnt until the end which is seen on video, i on the 4th redirect just move my arm away and the student lets go, it was said i pushed, video shows i didnt, i was in a situation i had zero control over. I was put on paid leave, the district put my “investigation on one person whom ended up quitting” i had an investigation meeting we watched the video it showed my arm movment, I then ask head of hr if they can rewind to prior to show the rest of what i have just explained and he says “oh this is all they sent? Theres more?” To my knowledge in our contract it breaches them they are supposed to send the entire incident not cut it to one part, i was told they couldnt “retrive” the rest of the video they also have to have a debreif when something occurs which they never did, 3 days or so after my investigation meeting they send me a n intent to terminate letter, stating it was erregous i feel otherwise, i wanted to grive it the moment i contacted my union whom i feel miss represented me them and hr made me feel like they didnt want to fight it and there response was “hr has a case” if you resign you will still be able to continue your career with schools, i felt duress the whole time, i offered character witnesses and i was told that wont matter in arbitration.. other things were mentioned in a loudermill meeting about leaving early once in 9 years, i never was repremanded i dont remember it and im good about any absence i take, didnt know you can add things to a diffrent situation, all of this might sound erratic im throwing all my thughts in a bag and hoping it makes sense basically i feel i was forced into a resignation, and i would like some advice from a lawyer intrested in my case to call or email me and see if they feel like i have a case , i asked for a small severance and extended healht insurance just until i find a job an i have a family and bills, and i was denied however hr told other employees yes to sevrance i been made out to be a monster and the kids and my staff think highly of me and thats not a eggageration.

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